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Web Site Maintenance Plans:
Maintenance by ePrivate Schools keeps your website up-to-date. If you want us to help you with your website maintenance, we have three plans.

1. Content Manager Solution
ePrivate Schools can provide your private school with an easy-to-use Adobe Contribute or WordPress content management system so your company can make changes/updates to your website at your office or anywhere an internet connection is available. The Adobe Contribute content management solution can be built on top of any website, allowing your school to make updates to your website as needed, from your end, without having to contact us.

Classroom Webpage Content Manager
Give your teachers the tools to easily and quickly create informative websites and powerful communication tools. Parents always want to know what is happening in the classroom and they love to see pictures (or even streaming video) of their children involved in learning. In the current world, where the need for a dual income is often necessary, parents spend less time at school. Our content manager will enable classroom teachers with no previous website design experience to create professional-looking web pages in a matter of minutes. This powerful tool can be used to recognize students, share classroom news, post homework assignments, post upcoming events or reminders and put parents in direct email contact with the classroom teacher in the click of the mouse.

Click Here to Watch a short video on the Adobe Contribute content manager solution...

2. Website Maintenance Contracts
With this plan we will contract with you to provide a specified number of hours per month or per year for a set, discounted fee. The hourly rate depends upon if you only want simple text updates, or if you need programming support. Because you have a maintenance contract, your work will be completed quicker (typically within 24 hours of receipt), as you will always have time allocated near the top of our production schedule.

3. Per Instance Website Maintenance
If you prefer, you may simply use our per-instance maintenance services. Using this service will put you on our schedule whenever you need work done. Basically, you pay as you need website maintenance with this plan.

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