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Website Design and Redesign
If you are a new school (or a school that doesn't currently have a website) extra care needs to be taken on planning for the future. Your business is going to grow and change over time. ePrivate Schools can help you establish flexible online branding and Private & Montessori School Website Designweb development services that can grow with your school. We will help you take a critical look at your school's branding/technology and asses how we can help you freshen it up so your school has that competitive edge in the marketing place.

Does Your School Already Have a Website?
There are over 21 million active websites on the internet today - 80% of these websites underperform. ePrivate Schools can help you make sure your website isn't one of the underperforming sites. Our free website analysis will assess all aspects of your website, from navigation to search engine placement to backend programming. How are people using your site? Just as importantly, why are they leaving?

Using our design experience, combined with more than 15 years of marketing research and Internet experience, we can show you how to improve your website's performance. Whether you need to rebuild your website or clean up an old one, we can help you figure out the most cost effective way to move forward on upgrading your existing website.

The ePrivate Schools' design team has created a wide range of school websites, incorporating all types of businesses requirements. From logo design to collateral materials, our design professionals can create specific branding for your website that will fit your private or Montessori school's needs and budget.

Mobile Websites
We can also create mobile websites that can be properly viewed on mobile devices such as Blackberrys, I-phones and other Internet-enabled PDA devices. Contact us for more information. View a mobile website we recently created for the San Juan Outdoor School (be sure to view the San Juan Outdoor Mobile Site on your mobile phone for best viewing experience).

Contact us today for more information and pricing regarding our website design services, private school-specific technology solutions, custom application development, eCommerce systems, and website hosting, maintenance and SEO services.

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